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Ash 4587cda494 Do backup stats and pruning. 1 week ago
awesome Switch to a new wallpaper. 2 weeks ago
emacs Local mode definitions for rustic-cargo commands. 2 months ago
external Set up massdrop loader. 2 months ago
nixpkgs-qutebrowser @ 0bdd764959 update nixpkgs-qutebrowser 5 months ago
p10k-config Let's try p10k. 9 months ago
.gitignore Set up borgbackup to automatically back ups. 2 weeks ago
.gitmodules Pull in qutebrowser from a version patched to use Qt 1.14. 7 months ago Add README. 9 months ago
config.vim Stop vimwiki from detecting md files as vimwiki. 3 months ago
configuration.nix Do backup stats and pruning. 1 week ago
hardware-configuration.nix nixfmt 9 months ago
interstellar.rasi Use a transparent background for rofi. 9 months ago Show the currently-playing cmus song in polybar. 9 months ago
polybar-gradient.nix Set up polybar. 9 months ago
polybar.nix Set the background for urgent workspaces. 8 months ago
vector.nix Install GNOME Cheese for webcam pics. 1 week ago
zshrc.zsh Set up home/etc/ in zsh. 2 months ago

This is my NixOS configuration for my laptop, superluminal-steel. Everything in here is pretty personal to me, but maybe you can find useful stuff for yourself?

The ‘highlight’ is definitely the silly shit I do in polybar-gradient.nix.